Felsenfeld Commission

I am leading a consortium to commission a solo cello work from composer Daniel Felsenfeld. Details for joining the consortium are below.



Solo cello, 6-8 minutes


Consortium Details

Pay what you can to join (any amount is enough, recommended minimum of $20)

All contributions go to Danny as a commission fee



Copy of the score

Named in the consortium on the score

Performance rights for 1 year after the premiere date (May 5, 2018)

Recording rights for 1 year after the premiere date (May 5, 2018)


How to Contribute

Venmo:   www.venmo.com/BryanHayslett

Paypal:   paypal.me/BryanHayslett

Check by mail (inquire for my address)

*Please send with a note about the Commission Fund or send me an email*


Consortium Members


Bryan Hayslett

Tim Leonard

Kathleen Chelo Pérez

Malina Rauschenfels

Amy Sue Barston

Nick Photinos

Caleigh Drane

Kate Kayaian

Sarah Hansen

Nora Karakousoglou

Jody Redhage Ferber

Brian Snow

Ashley Bathgate

Kirin McElwain

Sara Wilkins

Jennifer Bewerse

Roberta Cooper

Justin Dougherty

John Kang

Robert Gable

Marion Feldman

Jeremiah Barcus

Caio Diniz

Owen Chen

Geoffrey Manyin

Jeffrey Ziegler

Tara Hanish

Steve Marotto

Wendy Law

Seth Woods